Be Awake and Aware

Marysol stretching

BeAwake and Aware:

Fitness and Wellness Program for one on one, small groups, in person or virtual trainings

Hola! My name is Marysol and I’m very excited to share with you my unique training classes. I began creating these classes around 20 years ago when I took a certification to be a Personal Fitness Trainer and along with my long childhood yoga background I started to feel the need to create a training program where we can learn how to connect with our body and our emotions.

Be Awake and Aware is my own experience, life’s lessons in all this years that I’m able to teach, share and help others feeling the “awaking” from the beginning, practicing each day simple exercises, your own training, from energizing breathing techniques, natural movements, stretching and feeling energized, strength training for recovering your youth and aging stronger!

It is your own natural healing process.